EP – Protestera – Gränslösa land


The EP tells the story of Dawit Isaak, a Swede-Eritrean journalist, author and playwriter. He came to Sweden as refugee 1987 and got Swedish citizenship 1992. In September 2001, he and other journalists where arrested for demanding democratic reforms in Eritrea. Without a fair trial, he has now served more than 1,518 days in prison. Despite the fact that Dawit Isaak is a swedish citizen, the swedish government has done nothing to try to set him free.

Track list:

Side A
01. Historien om en försvunnen svensk journalist
02. Drakar
Side B
01. Gränslösa land
02. 3:1

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# This is the theme record with focus on Dawit Isaak, Swede-Eritrean journalist, author and playwriter.
# Fast foreward, powerful anarchapunk with a focus on the message.
# In every possible aspect – this is an essential 7″ EP for everyone!

Johan: vocals/guitar
Micha: vocals
Anders: guitar
Kalle: drums
Hanna: vocals/bass

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